Annual Report – Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Scott Christie – Humber College

After doing some extensive research, including looking at previous ARs from the Four Seasons, the one single USP finally appeared.The Four Seasons pride themselves on impeccable service at all of their locations all over the world. In order to capture this, I used many photos showing service of all types i.e. page 5 – a flower being laid on a pile of clean towels, page 4 – a smores snack being served on a silver platter to a child, etc.
I used faded photos of different trees from around the world in the background in order to capture how world wide the Four Seasons properties extend.
And to top it off, using a mint on a pillow on the cover to capture the luxury of it all.
The type was selected based on its clean appearance and its style that blends well with the whole report.

Annual Report