Mary C. (Christy) Kimberley


I'm a graduate from the Advertising & Graphic Design program at Humber College.
Previously worked as a Marketing Coordinator and I possess experience in the tradeshow industry.

I enjoy travelling and seeing different cultures in action. I've been to Beijing, Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, seen a lot of the Carribean, a few places in the U.S. and some provinces. Other things I enjoy -- reading (favourite author currently is Dan Brown), enjoying the outdoors i.e. hiking, camping, biking and running.

Other projects I'm currently working on -- renovating my home. I like to paint because painting is the easiest (and cheapest) way to change a room. I just started doing different things with paint such as creating stripes with it. The final result looks like wallpaper but it's actually all done with paint.

Here's a secret -- I just love the Behr paint computer at Home Depot. Sometimes I get my inspiration for colour from the paint chips they have on display.